The curtain has fallen on Jim Thompson’s latest collection of sheer fabrics and the critics’ reviews have been unanimously full of praise. These fabrics are fabulous and will star in any performance where a sheer material is needed from curtains to elegant room divider. While Jim Thompson has been known for over fifty years for handwoven Thai silk, in more recent times the company has focused its creativity on developing modern textiles such as these Trevira CS fabrics in wide width that serve a greater commercial need. Even though these are functional modern textiles, they are still produced with the same care and quality that goes into the original handwoven Thai silks.


100%Trevira CS
4 colorways
Width: 142cm/56”

The grand Epidauros theatre, home to the great Greek tragedies is the inspiration for this dramatic sheer fabric with its large geometric design. The distinctive pattern is produced by alternating sheer and solid bands.

100%Trevira CS
4 colorways
Width: 347cm/137”

A vine and leaf jacquard design is woven into this striped sheer. For such creativity, the critics will give Criterion high accolades.
100%Trevira CS
3 colorways
Width: 350m/138”

Only the Italian opera could sing enough praise for this unique casement fabric with its highly textured pattern. It is almost as if the 3-dimentional veins of the leaf design have been sculpted into the fabric.
100%Trevira CS
4 colorways
Width: 350cm/138”

Alternating thin lines of neutral colors form a vertical stripe to give this curtain fabric its bold and elegant look.
100%Trevira CS
2 colorways
Width: 347cm/137”

This modern, structured fabric with its abbreviated lines offers a diversion to the eye. Here raised lines, reminiscent of the hand-reeled silk yarn, running between bands of sheer material give this fabric a unique texture.

Design Director, Jim Thompson

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