The Jim Thompson collection ‘Caravans’ pays homage to the ancient travellers who brought luxury goods to the distant corners of the world. In the past sumptuous textiles, exotic plants and herbs and other highly valued items slowly found their way along an arduous route from Europe through Central Asia to the Far East. A faraway traveller himself, Jim Thompson discovered the magic of the Kingdom of Siam, which for centuries had been a center of Asian trade. He was in awe of Thai silks that boasted patterns inspired by textiles from India, China and the Middle East. To create our Caravans Collection Jim Thompson has searched for inspirations along the Silk Road and beyond. Just as ancient merchants provided rare commodities that dazzled their eager clients, our Caravans Collection has been created to add a touch of the exotic to your decor.

100% Linen
4 colorways
Martindale 23,000 rubs

In this print we catch glimpses of a stylized multi-headed Erawan, the mythical elephant mount of the Hindu god Indra. This celestially inspired pattern printed on linen is ideal for
upholstery and curtains where a bold statement is desired.
38% Rayon – 62% Linen
3 colorways

The simplifi ed forms of leaves and branches inspired by Japanese stencil design allows one to enjoy the clever
combination of weave techniques in this semi-sheer fabric. The remains of laser cut weft yarns add to its ethereal and magical cobweb-like effect.
82% Linen – 13% Rayon – 5%
Metallic yarn
1 colorway

This exciting embroidery on linen is inspired by a technique used in India to attach small mirrors or metal objects to cloth. Here silver metallic yarn replaces the mirrors to a give a jewel-like effect that will shimmer when refl ecting light. The large embroidered medallion motif created with a series of small roundels is of classic simplicity giving this fabric a sophisticated and enduring quality.
100% Linen
4 colorways
Martindale 23,000 rubs

When our Caravans Collection reached the ancient Silk Road city of Samarkand, we were inspired by the colorful and outspoken ikat textiles of Central Asia to create this lively pattern. This bold blossom design printed on linen stirs the imagination just as those ancient brightly pattered textiles
excited the eye after long journeys through the monotonous desert.
65% Linen – 35% Nylon
3 colorways

This intricate lattice design bears the name of an ethnic group from southern China renowned for their fine textiles.
The pattern is inspired by the delicate lattice back of a Chinese chair and has been created by using a burnout
print technique. The intricate lattice motif superimposed on a sheer base is enhanced with traces of overlaid metallic foil.
35% Silk – 65% Cotton
1 colorway

Life in ancient Cambodia ebbed and flowed with the rise and fall of the rivers such as the Bassac. This lively scene was inspired by sandstone carvings found on the famous temples
in Southeast Asia. The highly detailed jacquard design on silk and cotton truly recreates the 3-dimentional effect of bas-relief sculpture.
93% Linen – 7% Polyester
1 colorway

Named for a waterfall demarking the border between China and Vietnam this amazing striped linen fabric falls into a category all of its own. A trompe l’oeil embroidered motif demarks the border between the fabric’s beige and cream stripes. The repeated design – a stylized flame or pearhead appears in mirrored silhouette.
100% Linen
1 colorway

No matter where you go or in what direction you travel, this lattice printed sheer linen will put your design ideas on the map. While the cream and beige colors of this screen print are pleasingly subtle, the large curved lattice loops of Meridienne give this fabric its unique identity.
100% Linen
2 colorways
Martindale 11,000 rubs

This elegant screen-printed fern pattern on linen has a universal, timeless appeal. The leafy ferns on a neutral
background almost appear as if they were painted using Chinese brush stokes. While one leaf is opaque, the second is created using a special puff print technique that is further
enhanced with a metallic overlay.
28% Silk - 72% Polyester
5 colorways

Named for one of the most ancient cities found on the Silk Road this jacquard silk fabric is decorated with a classic ikat pattern. With a choice of five different colorways including
vibrant rust and striking steel blue-gray this elegantly patterned textile will add character to your décor.
100% Linen
3 colorways
Martindale 11,000 rubs

Native to America and Southeast Asia, the Magnolia flower is universally enjoyed for its classic beauty as will Jim Thompson’s version of this splendid flower be appreciated.
Our Magnolia can be described as being truly exquisite. To create this design, enormous elegant blossoms have been puff printed on linen. However, what gives this fabric its unique allure is the metallic overlay that makes the regal blossoms appear to almost dance off their neutral background.
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