For our Destinations Collection, Jim Thompson has been inspired by the ancient merchants who travelled along the Silk Road. Life for these voyagers was difficult and demanding; it was a test of quality, durability and timelessness. For our Destinations Collection we have created fabrics that are made to stand up to the test of time and durability. These are sophisticated textiles that compliment the stunning selection of patterned fabrics in our Caravans Collection.

50%Spun rayon - 40%Polyester –
9 colorways
Martindale 100,000 rubs

This woven chenille is as intriguing and long lasting as the city for which it was named. With a high rub test and interesting contrast of warps and weft, this elegant fabric also has the soft handle of a velvety silk.
85%Rayon – 15%Cotton
7 colorways
Martindale 115,000 rubs

This chenille fabric is named after an ancient region of the Malaya peninsula that has been lost in time. And so too will this durable fabric endure over time and wear. Soft to the touch and perfect for upholstery, this fabric with a warp and weft of different colors has subtle tones and shades.
48%Polyester - 52%Cotton
7 colorways
Martindale 23,000 rubs

Bukhara is at the crossroads of the
East and West. Here Jim Thompson’s Bukhara weaves together multi-colored strié warps and textured wefts to create a dynamic cotton-blended fabric which cannot fail to please
70%Rayon - 30% Linen
10 colorways
Martindale 75,000 rubs

This linen and rayon blend has been created to be as tough and long lasting as the army of soldiers found in the tombs of Xian. A workhorse of a fabric it comes in ten colorways and promises to be a favorite as much for its distinctive basket-weave texture as for is versatility.
8 colorways
Martindale 70,000 rubs

This sturdy cotton fabric takes its name from an ancient port in southern Thailand where Arab traders and Indian merchants mingled with the local population. Eight neutral colorways from sandy beige to chocolate brown provide a tempting selection of choices to enhance any setting.
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