"Inspired by the imagery and mood of coastal living, Fantasy Island manages to capture the barefoot chic of the beach. The exciting mix of print designs in an ever-clearer palette work beautifully with an expansive selection of colored solids. Transported to a country house or a city apartment, the fabrics give an instant relaxed atmosphere - one of permanent vacation!"

100% Linen
3 Colorways
Martindale 11,000 rubs

‘Seafood Platter’... ‘All Fishes Great and Small’ ... ‘Bouillabaisse’… All of these were contenders for the name of this bold and wonderfully witty fabric aquarium. Painting in watercolor, Richard Smith has captured the movement and markings of all manner of sea-life and arranged them all, including seahorse, shrimps and an octopus in a lively repeat across the full width of fabric. Three colorways on bleached linen give three very distinct moods.
58% Cotton - 42% Polyester
13 Colorways
Martindale 40,000 rubs

An elegant fabric with a glossy, almost watermarked appearance that comes in 13 gorgeous colors. All the no.9 brights are here fuchsia, royal, black and off-white as well as a comprehensive range of neutrals. On top of this it is truly dual purpose with a wonderful hand as well as incredible wearability.
100% Linen
4 Colorways
Martindale 11,000 rubs

Is it a Zebra pattern, or the exotic markings of a tropical fish? However you see it, Seabra makes a classic addition to the no.9 stable of large scale, dramatic prints. The bold watercolor marks arebrought further to life on the lightweight linen ground.
100% Cotton
4 Colorways
Martindale 33,000 rubs

The interplay of the vast array of colors within this chunky woven stripe is reminiscent of an abstract painting. Each of the four colorways work brilliantly with any of the prints in ‘Fantasy Island’, as well as many of the previous ones to pull disparate elements of a room harmoniously together. This exciting fabric is bound to be a classic.
75%Linen -25%Polyester
1 Colorway

A trellis of over-scaled coral branches make a dramatic statement linen burn-out. Gathered as a curtain, the overlapping silhouettes of semi-translucent maritime foliage take on an ethereal underwater quality.
100% Cotton
4 Colorways
Martindale 21,000 rubs

This small-scale pattern has the feel of Japanese cloths traditionally used to carry clothes and wrap presents in. Both traditional and contemporary, the simplified wave design combining three colors makes it a versatile addition to any room. The ground is a sturdy new cotton twill that gives an added dimension to the print.
100% Cotton
17 Colorways
Martindale 18,000 rubs

Named after an ancient port in North Africa that overlooks the breakers of the Atlantic, the feel of this brushed cotton calls to mind the softest sand. The 17 beautiful colors complement the color line of Souirah perfectly as does its dry handle.
65% Rayon - 35% Ramie
4 Colorways
Martindale 26,000 rubs

The very painterly hand of Abracadabra’s original artwork gives a completely new take on the enduring style of a rug pattern. A combination of scale, the exciting colors and the textured ground cloth means this design has a fresh and young appeal: Hippy Deluxe!
75% Rayon - 25% Linen
8 Colorways
Martindale 30,000 rubs

The rich and mysterious blue colorway of this woven diamond design transports one to Morocco, to the coastal town where this color is endlessly used on fishing boats, doorways, textiles, everything. A soft and strong fabric, it brings a casual artisanal texture to the collection.
50% Linen - 40% Cotton -
10% Polyester
3 Colorways

An exciting departure for no.9 are the three colorways of a wide width sheer stripe. The rusticity of the fabric linen blend works in harmony with the bold ticking-like stripes. A stunning way to add color, texture and interest to a window without blocking the light.
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