Spring 2013

We invite you to visit Jim Thompson’s “Himma Gardens”, a far away, mystical place that delights the senses. When the American Jim Thompson first came to Thailand in 1940’s he was captivated by local artistic traditions. He quickly became enveloped in a rich cultural heritage that influenced the textiles he created. Inspired by Hindu-Buddhist mythology, the Himma Gardens Collection is an imaginary forest filled with exotic plants, mysterious animals and soothing natural scenery. Southeast Asian art abounds with images of this magical location. Temple mural paintings, carvings and statues reveal glimpses of an exotic world. To create our latest collection the Jim Thompson designers and weavers were inspired by legends of the wondrous Himma garden. In honor of the heavenly skies we have woven cloud-like materials, in praise of crystal clear waters we have created shimmering fabrics and inspired by temple architecture we offer amazing textiles that have texture and form.

100% Linen
4 colorways

This exuberant linen fabric presents the essence of a mythical forest as represented in mural paintings found in Thai temples. The large-scale print of dream-like foliage, fruits and flowers masterfully celebrates nature and offers a dramatic point de départ for any interior space. Ideal for curtains and upholstery, this linen will turn any décor into a celebration!
100% Silk
6 colorways

This striking ikat fabric is all about the rippling effect created by rays of light travelling across the textured threads of hand-reeled silk. Using the construction of traditional hand woven silks, the checkered stripe design has been embolden by the large scale of the pattern. Aura is a modern version of an age-old craft that never loses its classic elegance.
100% Cotton
5 colorways
Martindale 25,000 rubs

The warp print-inspired design that appears on this sturdy cotton canvas has taken inspiration from traditional Asian decorative motifs that often appear on architectural carvings. While dramatically bold the pattern also has a dream-like haziness that gives it a special allure.
25% Silk – 75% Cotton
7 colorways

Barai features an elegant silk and cotton jacquard design that was created by marbling a silk warp with a cotton weft. The contrasting matt and shiny yarns result in an interesting and versatile weight. The shimmering lines of color that fall randomly across this silk-cotton weave lend distinctive elegance to this regal fabric.
50% Silk – 50% Polyester
4 colorways

The clustered branches of a banyan tree inspire the organic pattern of this fabulous intricately woven fabric. A thick supplementary floating weft of contrasting colors crosses an ombre background that moves from light to dark, giving texture, depth and vibrancy to this luxurious silk.

100% Trevira CS
3 colorways

The Goddess of Lightening Mani Mekhla often appears in Buddhist stories and is represented in temple paintings throughout Southeast Asia.

This heavenly fabric evokes sheer fantasy. Imagine lofty clouds drifting across a silver sky and you can appreciate how Mekhla curtains would look billowing gracefully in an open window. The large-scale design is inspired by traditional Jim Thompson ikat, however here the pattern is produced using a sophisticated laser cut technique in Trevira CS yarn.

80% Rayon – 20% Polyester
7 colorways
Martindale 19,000 rubs

The sacred flame pattern, so ubiquitous in many ancient cultures, is the inspiration for the design of this luxurious modern fabric. A textured weave of different colored threads with blending tones produces a subtle sophistication. This upholstery fabric boasts a wondrously soft, silken texture.
67% Rayon – 33% Cotton
6 colorways
Martindale 54,000 rubs

This exquisite velvet fabric has a distinctive palatial look and feel. The large-scale ikat inspired pattern floats cloud-like on a plain ground. Silk-like to the touch, it is an upholstery fabric woven from a mixture of cotton and rayon.
100% Trevira CS
15 colorways

When the wind blows imagine the sensuous sound of ruffling taffeta. This elegant fabric has the look and feel of silk but woven in Trevira CS. Its extra large, 3-metre width facilitates its use as beautiful seamless curtains.
100% Linen
8 colorways

This airy linen sheer with its subtle strié effect is a decorator’s dream. Jim Thompson’s Air is classic elegance at its best. Held up against the light, the slubby texture of this sophisticated fabric is revealed.
45% Linen – 55% Rayon
15 colorways

Plant the seeds of your design by using this earthy fabric and watch your décor blossom into endless options. Inspired by the classic the New Khmer and Mekong weaves, this rayon and linen construction has the distinctive “humps and bumps” of Jim Thompson’s classic silks.
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