In old Siam the tropical monsoon rains were an annual event that transformed the dry, parched fields into a lush verdant landscape. For weeks the heavy showers would fill the air with a humid breathe that stirred the earth back to life. If anyone knows about fabrics that can hold up to the test of weather and time, Jim Thompson does after spending years creating textiles that endure in a tropical climate. Based on the tradition of weaving silks and cottons, the Singing in the Rain collection goes one step further with fabrics that look like their natural counterparts, but are made of acrylic fibers. As a result this collection has a rich, traditional quality, yet the fabrics will endure and hold up to challenging outdoors conditions. Let your creative ideas join us with a chorus of Singing in the Rain!

3523/01 to 04
100% Acrylic
4 colorways

This earthy fabric with wide stripe bands of blending colors has a bold ikat look. Tempest with its thick hand-woven threads in changing muted colors creates a storm of beauty and power. Perfect for upholstery, Tempest will get the job done with style and strength, and will stir up a storm of enthusiasm for marvelous looks! Ideal for curtains and upholstery, this linen will turn any décor into a celebration!
3524/01 to 12
100% Acrylic
12 colorways

A fabric that shouts “texture” - Nuage’s pattern shows the cracks, pits and broken lines that bring to mind the surface detail of an old stonewall. Nuage comes in twelve two-tone colorways with various shades of blue, green, orange, brown, beige and gray.
3525/01 to 03
100% Acrylic
3 colorways
Martindale 29,000 rubs

This amazing, durable and elegant stripe has look and feel of beautifully heavy cotton. The broad long stripes are enhanced by a white supplementary grill designed edge. If there is a favorite of the three colorways, one might choose the dramatic deep blue stripe bordered by grey and beige, but the other two color choices are equally as appealing. This fabric will certainly bring a Torrent of praise!
3526/01 to 05
98% Acrylic – 2% Polyamide
5 colorways

One has to love this whimsical fabric for its haphazard stripes that are unexpectedly interrupted by a horizontal line. Deluge comes in five delightful colors: contrasting white stripes against raspberry red, mossy green, black, gray or steel blue.
3527/01 to 06
100% Acrylic
6 colorways
Martindale 30,000 rubs

This exciting, heavy-duty upholstery fabric draws its detailed diamond lantern pattern from tradition Thai supplementary woven textiles. A bold fabric Brume will elegantly stand up to the test of time and elements. With a choice of five basic earthly tones no chair should be left uncovered!

3528/01 to 04
100% Acrylic
4 colorways

Boldly striped Stream will splash excitement into your décor with eye-catching color! Ideal for curtains or cushions, this smooth, cotton-feel fabric will turn heads with its strong contrasting colors and dramatic lines. Liven up any interior or exterior with statement-making Stream.

3529/01 to 19
100% Acrylic
19 colorways
Martindale 15,000 rubs

The universe has unlimited use for this basic dependable fabric that has the feel and texture of heavy woven cotton. Traditional, sturdy and easily used in so many basic ways, Cosmo offers nine different colorways including beige, browns, grays, creams and rusty brown. The choice is yours as to how to make a cosmic effect with Cosmo.
3547/01 to 16
100% Acrylic
16 colorways
Martindale 20,000 rubs

There are 16 different tunes Gene Kelly could be singing about this basic, marvelously versatile fabric with the feel and texture of brushed cotton. With Kelly you can dance your way into any room or garden setting with one or all of the 16 colors and be sure that you have “a glorious feeling and be happy again…singing, singing in the rain!”
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