A historic landmark in the heart of old Bangkok, the Temple of Dawn with its gleaming spires reflecting on the river in the morning sun serves as the inspiration for our dazzling new Jim Thompson landmark collection. When the American Jim Thompson arrived in Bangkok in the 1940s, a favorite weekend pastime was to visit and admire ancient temple compounds that were exuberantly decorated with paintings, stucco, porcelain, and woodcarvings. As many visitors still do today, the founder of the famous Thai silk company would wander for hours in these peaceful enclaves to draw inspiration from a sanctuary’s contrasting colors and textures. Temple of Dawn known as ‘Wat Arun’ in Thai with decorations and mural paintings that boast a vast array of patinas, serves as the focal point for the creation of our stunning new collection.

3551/01 – 02
100% Linen
2 colorways

The patina and whimsical design of a forest scene from temple mural paintings serve as the inspiration for the exotic toile-like landscape printed here on pure linen. The large-scale print of a magical forest with tropical plants and lively animals scurrying across an enchanted land is taken from Buddhist cosmology and faithfully retains a meditative sense of grace and serenity.
3550/01 – 05
100% Linen
5 colorways
Martindale 21,000 rubs

This exuberant smaller scale toile print on linen is filled with historical motifs depicting scenes of a mythical Buddhist paradise with creatures from a tropical rain forest. Monkeys climb on craggy rocks and egrets swoop down on a lotus filled lake. Named for the Sanskrit word meaning “five”, this pure linen fabric comes in five different colors ranging from quiet neutrals to a bold contemporary print that offsets vibrant turquoise with a chocolate background.
3514/01 – 05
100% Trevira
CS 5 colorways

The name Kiri comes from the old Sanskrit word for “mountain”, the home of the gods in Hindu and Buddhist mythology and a place believed to be the source of beauty and strength. This two-tone curtain fabric with its raised supplementary lines that cross a wavy ikat base has a heavenly quality that could frame any view of heaven or earth.
80% Linen – 12% Lurex – 8% Viscose
1 colorway
Martindale 17,000 rubs

In ancient Buddhist mythology the Deva are angelic beings who dwell in the abode of the gods. This elegant fabric with metal threads embroidered on a linen ground resonates with heavenly embodiment and creates the effect of blazing streaks of celestial lightning.
3535/01 – 04
25% Silk – 45% Linen – 30% Viscose
4 colorways

This truly elegant fabric combines a well-balanced mix of silk, linen and viscose. The jacquard weave highlights the subtle shading and enhances the interplay between matt and gloss surfaces. Named for the Mondop a small, square or cruciform structure found in temple compounds, both the fabric and the building share a sense of light and shades due to varying surfaces.

3537/01 – 05
20% Silk – 55% Linen – 25% Viscose
5 colorways

This fabric is named for the old “lotus pond” temple located in the heart of modern Bangkok, once surrounded by rice fields and now overshadowed by ultramodern, gleaming glass and metal buildings. The striking contrast of old and new is similar to the effect made by this exciting textile with its simple yet sophisticated geometric design. A jacquard weave of mixed silk, linen and viscose yarns, the fabric comes in five appealing earth tone shades.

3539/01 – 08
45% Viscose – 35% Cotton – 16% Linen – 4%
Poly 8 colorways
Martindale 25,000 rubs

This smart and indispensible upholstery fabric that comes in eight appealing colors is named after a royally sponsored temple in the oldest part of Bangkok. A place where visitors are offered a quiet and dignified space to peacefully meditate, this fabric with its subtle texture offers a restful appeal. Bowon is delightful to the touch and at the same time durable for upholstery use.
3540/01 – 08
45% Viscose – 35% Cotton – 16% Linen – 4%
Poly 8 colorways
Martindale 27,000 rubs

This blended fabric, soft to the touch yet highly durable, has a subtle checkerboard pattern inspired by the board game maak rook or chess. Played by locals in evenings in the shady areas of temple compounds such as Wat Trimit in Bangkok’s old Chinatown this fabric comes in eight subtle earth tones from golden beige to rust.
3541/01 – 10
36% Viscose – 26% Cotton – 32% Linen – 6% Poly
10 colorways
Martindale 23,000 rubs

Inspired by Siamese ikat and supplementary weaving techniques the large diamond pattern has strong symbolic meaning in traditional textiles. This bold and compelling design speaks of texture and strength and turns tradition into a modern fabric that comes in ten color ways. The word Makut means crown in Thai and this durable weave will add a crowning touch any upholstery décor.
3542/01 – 07
38% Viscose – 30% Cotton – 28% Linen – 4%
Poly 7 colorways
Martindale 24,000rubs

This fabulous fabric has the irregular look of ancient stonewalls pitted and marked by age or moss. The word Sila means stone and old temple walls serve as the inspiration for this sturdy linen and cotton blend that begs to be used for upholstery. With seven colorways there is certainly a couch or armchair in your décor that deserves a textured Sila covering.
3543/01 -06
100% Silk
6 colorways

This vibrant hand woven silk taffeta stripe is named after one of Bangkok’s most flamboyant temples, a lively Hindu complex located in the middle of the city that is always enlivened with long chains of flower garlands offered by devotees. The colorful shimmering stripes are enhanced by the traditional “squirrel tail” weave.
3545/01 – 18
100% Silk
18 colorways
Martindale 20,000 rubs

This sumptuous pure silk velvet fabric offers the height of luxury and royal elegance. Hand finished to render a unique antique feel and appearance Chedi is named for the sacred part of the temple that houses important relics. With 18 different colors to choose from, this plush regal silk with its distinctive contrasting warp that catches light in surprising and contrasting ways is an aristocratic among velvets.
3546/01 – 16
55% Viscose – 30% Poly – 15% Cotton
16 colorways
Martindale 40,000 rubs

This luxurious yet robust pile fabric has a texture and design reminiscent of the magnificent porcelain tiles used to decorate Thai temples. With an alternating hexagonal two-color pattern that comes in 16 different colorways this decadent upholstery fabric offers uncompromising opulence with enduring reliability.
3549/01 – 04
27%Silk – 59% Cotton – 14% Zari
4 colorways

Named for an elegant and unusual royal Thai temple that dates to Victorian times, this silk-cotton blend fabric is decorated with jewel-like raindrops. The pattern resembles the first traces of monsoon rain falling on shallow pools of water and has been created through the use of delicate traces of gold and silver threads woven onto an elegant sateen ground. Offered in four distinctive earthen tones ranging from golden hues to earthy browns, the supplementary teardrops speak more of a memory than a design.
3552/01 – 03
35% Linen – 25% Cotton – 40%Viscose
3 colorways

A secluded forest temple with its towering ancient trees offers the inspiration for this imaginative cotton-linen blend. The delicate lace-like pattern of veins of leaves that have fallen to the ground is enlivened by colorful yet delicate berries embroidered onto a cream colored ground. This truly bold and unique fabric will add an exceptional statement to any design interior.
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