September 2014

The outstanding natural beauty of Southeast Asia’s amazing topography serves as the inspiration for our latest Jim Thompson collection. Primeval forests with their lush, verdant foliage, rushing streams and cloud-covered peaks provide a natural Sanctuary of tranquility and beauty for those who seek to escape. Emulating the textures and changing shades of our tropical landscape, we have de? ned and re? ned our fabrics in terms of nature. Before his disappearance in 1967, the popular “Silk King” Jim Thompson often wandered through Thailand’s tropical forests seeking refuge from the demands of his highly successful career. He traveled to remote jungle areas searching for temple ruins and sacred caves. These ancient sanctuaries and their lush surroundings serve as the inspiration for our latest collection. We invite you to create your own Sanctuary with these amazing, nature-inspired fabrics!

3555/01 – 05
75% Cotton – 25% Silk
5 colorways

This luxurious fabric with its oversized lotus pattern stands out as the hallmark of our Sanctuary Collection. The lotus, the symbol of purity, has been printed in ? ve dramatic colorways including one in elegant shades of antique rose and blush. Like shining leaves after a rainstorm, this silk cotton blend shimmers in the changing light revealing the subtle outline of the lotus flower.
3515/01 – 07
40% Rayon – 37% Cotton – 23% Silk
7 colorways

Our large-scale leaf-patterned silk-cotton blend is named for Cananga, a fragrant plant that grows wild in the tropics. Imagine shades of light and dark playing on this majestic fabric that has smooth, glossy leaves imposed on a silky ground. Raised lines highlight and delineate the outline of its foliage pattern. Chose any one of its seven different earthy tones and create a leafy Sanctuary of your own.
3556/01 – 04
100% Linen
4 colorways
Martindale 18,000 rubs

Named for the river that runs through an ancient plateau, this eye-catching natural fabric ripples with a largescaledesign printed on 100% linen. The diamond or “lantern” pattern is inspired by indigenous weavingtraditions that date back centuries. This bold ethnic design will give a special identity to any décor.
3534/01 – 03
65% Linen – 35% Polyester
3 colorways

This creative linen-based fabric withlarge embroidered roundels strung in circles will add a special touch to anycorner of your room. Its unique appearance is due to the raised round loops of embroidered silken threadplaced on an elegant linen ground, almost as if this fabric was wearing its own ethnic necklace. Coco comes inthree colorways including shades of chocolate and other earthy tones.
3544/01 – 16
70% Rayon – 30% Cotton
16 colorways
Martindale 23,000 rubs

The famous nature reserve Khao Yai inspired this chenille velvet woven in a textured honeycomb pattern. Ideal for upholstery, our choice of 16 different nature-inspired colors includes gold, earthy brown, red and rusts to tempt your imagination.

3553/01 – 08
60% Rayon – 40% Cotton
8 colorways
Martindale 40,000 rubs

The texture and touch of cut velvet pile with its complex over-linking circular patterns makes this luxurious fabric perfect for upholstery. To the touch this textile feels wondrously soft and velvety, yet a high rub test ensures excellent wear. The eight colorways are a blend of natural earthy tones found in the mountainous Khao Rom regions.

3516/01 – 04
20% Silk – 80% Viscose
4 colorways

Prachin means “ancient” and this fabric is inspired by the surface and gloss of ancient marble temples with stone that has been rubbed, chiseled and worn to elegant perfection. The glossy silken effect of this obscure pattern with splashes of light makes it perfect for drapery. Four colorways ranging from gold to silver to beige will brighten any window or backdrop.
3536/01 – 05
50% Cotton – 40% Linen – 10%Polyester
5 colorways

The cliffs of the Korat mountain range in northeastern Thailand have inspired the name for this bold cotton linen jacquard. The fabric is woven as if quilted, and then embroidered to produce its unique texture, almost like the veins that run through chiseled rock. The lines of the embroidery stop and start to create a strong, distinctive pattern with a diamond silhouette.
3538/01 – 31
100% Cotton
31 colorways
Martindale 50,000 rubs

Tantalizing choices are offered by this classic, cotton-velvet that comes in 31 different colorways. At 50,000 rubs this is a high performance star that will add velvety luxury to any décor, assuring a delicate look but sturdy results.
3558/01 – 50
100% Cotton
50 colorways
Martindale 26,000 rubs

Fall in love with our 50 shades of color by choosing this perfect, classic mercerized and subtly glazed cotton. If you are searching for that special tone or shade, look no further than Pikun to whip up a fabulous décor by profi ting from our enormous choice of colors.
3557/01 – 40
35% Silk – 65% Cotton
40 colorways

This is a true “gem” of a Jim Thompson fabric, a shimmering silk sateen that comes in 40 colorways, leaving you with an almost overwhelming choice. The delightful sheen of this fabric will add richness and an elegant ambiance to your surroundings.
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