September 2014

For September’s new No.9 collection, Richard Smith has looked to the ancient hand-crafted rugs of Tibet. His initial interest was sparked by the 1990 exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London “The Tiger Rugs of Tibet”.

In the intervening years research brought forth endless imagery beyond the animal skins of the original show: ravishing patterns combined with striking geometric borders and quirky color combinations of vegetable dyes have all informed this collection.

2150/01 – 03
51% Linen – 49% Cotton
3 colorways

This painterly rendering of a Tiger in a bamboo forest has all the humor and scale of many of the previous No.9 prints. Printed on a linen twill, the border frames the animals and brings a crisp fi nish to the design.
2153/01 – 04
65% Rayon – 35% Ramie
4 colorways
Martindale 40,000 rubs

Combining traditional Tibetan fl oral motifs within a meandering trellis, the design marries beautifully with the ground cloth. The mixture of yarns and the textured painting within the original artwork work together to give the effect of a well loved and worn carpet.

2154/01 – 04
51% Linen – 49% Cotton
4 colorways
Martindale 18,000 rubs

The trellis from the peony design has been used again in a smaller scale to create a modern and crisp print on a beautiful textured linen. The painterly marks within the design and the twill of the ground combine to create the feeling of an embroidery.

2151/01 – 03
100% Linen
3 colorways

Loosely based on a traditional fl oral rug design this interpretation, printed on a lightweight rustic linen, has an informality and fl ow that moves it away from the original. The shifting colors within the geometric background pattern are reminiscent of a knotted silk rug.
2152/01 – 04
100% Cotton
4 colorways
Martindale 27,000 rubs

A contemporary take on a recurring motif seen in Tibetan textile crafts, this fabric would bring a visual punctuation to any decorative scheme. It is printed on a durable cotton twill in a palette of saturated colors that work with the rest of the collection.
2147/01 – 03
100% Linen
3 colorways

This three meter wide fabric is woven from 100% fi ne linen. The delicacy of the yarns allows for a complex blending of exciting colors within the stripes of each of the three colorways.

2155/01 – 17
40% Viscose – 20% Poly – 20% Linen – 20% Cotton
17 colorways
Martindale 24,000 rubs

A complex twist of different yarns gives a slubby texture in this small scale weave based on an Asian fretwork. The fresh color palette works beautifully with the other fabrics in the collection as well as many of the previous No.9 collections.

2149/01 – 05
84% Cotton – 16% Polyamide
5 colorways
Martindale 30,000 rubs

A random jacquard pattern of different textures is woven from yarns that take dyes with varying levels of absorption. This cloth is then “basket- dyed” to further enhance the overall look of a vintage denim fabric.
2148/01 – 07
66% Viscose – 13% Linen – 11% Cotton – 10% Poly
7 colorway
Martindale 20,000 rubs

This geometric weave uses a combination of textured rayon with soft chenille. Although fairly small in scale, the pattern has a certain grandeur that would work well to give gravitas to any furniture.
TR1001/01 – 04
40% Cotton – 60% Viscose
4 colorway

The narrower of the two borders again reinterprets a traditional carpet border and echoes the print design “Tibetan Maze”. Perfect for edging curtains, furniture or accessories both tapes brings a new and contemporary edge to the collection as a whole.
TR1002/01 – 03
50% Cotton – 50% Viscose
3 colorway

A thrilling new departure for No.9 is this embroidered tape. Inspired by a typical border from Tibetan rugs used to depict both clouds and waves, the design is rendered in glossy viscose yarns on a matt cotton ground.
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