by Richard Smith

SECOND DYNASTY collection is a revisit of the Dynasty Collection of 2011 which featured the hugely popular “Enter the Dragons” print. Moving our fresh take on chinoiserie even further, this season's offering is presented with a more "grown up" feel.

As always, the designs are taken from Richard Smith's original artwork but the textures are a little more sophisticated than previously. This collection features a large scale linen and viscose weave, heavily-embroidered designs, contemporary geometric and a plain linen velvet available in 23 sumptuous colours – all gives a luxurious new viewpoint in the No.9 Thompson spirit.

2177/01 - 03
37% Cotton – 35% Linen – 28% Viscose
3 colourways

Inspired by the No.9 Thompson classic print, "Enter The Dragons", Dragon King is a sophisticated linen and viscose jacquard available in 3 fabulous colourways. All of which have the versatility to play a starring role in both classic and contemporary interiors. The original painted artwork has been cleverly interpreted with different weave patterns and the ground has a funky geometric texture.
2171/01 - 04
60% Linen – 20% Cotton – 20% Modal
4 colorways
Martindale 143,000 rubs

A two coloured geometric design based loosely on lattice work from Chinese screens. Printed on our favourite durable linen mix, it is the perfect scale for both curtains and upholstery. The fresh appeal of this design works beautifully with the more organic nature of many other fabrics from the collection.
2172/01 - 02
75% Linen – 25% Polyester
2 colourways

HAINAN BURN OUT is printed on our linen-faced light-weight fabric. It differs from previous sheers in that it has a generous repeat. This fabric looks very well on large-scale windows without looking too busy. The trellis of the design is transparent whilst the fine detailed line around the main motif is printed in opaque ink, creating a three-dimensional effect.
100% Linen
7 colorways
Martindale 01,000 rubs

In Imperial China, similar looking silk jacquards were a show of prosperity and weaving prowess. Inspired by these ancient textiles found in museums and galleries around the world, Richard Smith has reinterpreted the pattern as a print on a linen ground. The artwork started with a soft watercolour ground from which he "bleached out" the design. This gives a soft, vintage look and makes an excellent carrier for the three smart colourways.
2170/01 - 04
100% Linen
4 colorways
Martindale 07,000 rubs

The tangled repeat of these swirls put the designer, Richard Smith in mind of his favourite Asian noodles. He painted endless versions of the design on rice paper with a gloriously thick Chinese brush and traditional ink; finally selecting one that had enough movement to bring the finished design alive. The four colourways range from classic charcoal on cream to a stunning metallic duck egg on natural linen.

2173/01 - 04
73% Cotton – 27% Rayon
4 colorways
Martindale 22,000 rubs

This embroidered design on a natural linen-coloured ground is based on cell structures and is reminiscent of a honeycomb. The intense stitching gives an almost sculptural drape to this fabric when hanging in folds, and the retro look of the design gives a smart twist to the collection. With a great abrasion result, it is ideal for really sharp looking upholstery.

2176/01 - 03
40% Linen – 40% Cotton – 20% Viscose
3 colourways

A broad woven linen stripe is the base for this chic embroidery. Inspired by classic borders from Tibetan rugs, the pattern reappears all over Asia, most notably for us at Jim Thompson in the textiles of the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. Three stunning colourways will ensure this is a classic.
86% Viscose – 14% Acrylic
3 colourways
Martindale 16,000 rubs

The medley of multicoloured stripes on this velvet fabric makes it incredibly versatile. Between the three colourways - multi red, all blues and mineral tones, they pretty much cover every colour in the spectrum. It is gloriously soft to the touch, and the fabric's incredible durability adds to the appeal.
2175/01 - 23
100% Linen
23 colorways
Martindale 26,000 rubs

Linen velvet fits the ethos of No.9 Thompson so well - saturated colours combined with natural, slubby textures stop them from being too polished. The construction is such that it is dual purpose; perfect for luxurious upholstery with its subtle lustre, and who wouldn't want celery coloured velvet curtains trimmed with the new Apiary braid in macaroon …
TR1005/01 - 04
62% Cotton – 18% Rayon
4 colourways

An embroidered border that works beautifully with Queen Bee fabric but equally to trim a solid coloured texture. The ground is an elegant ottoman weave which adds to the tailored feel and the four colourways echo the colours of the Dragon Dance wallpaper. The name reflects its honeycomb pattern.
TR1006/01 - 04
066% Cotton
4 colorways

This new woven trim comes in four colourways which make a striking punctuation mark on curtains and on furniture - it's jacquard structure makes it sturdy enough for upholstery. Using trims such as these is also a good way to introduce an unexpected colour into any room.

WR1012/01 - 04
4 colorways
Substrate : non – woven
Width 106cm , sold by metre

We have been asked for a coordinating wallpaper to "Enter the Dragons" since its launch in 2011, and this season has presented the perfect opportunity. I have altered the repeat, removing the wide borders so it is easier to use on the wall, and recreated four of the original colourways. Printed on super wide non-woven paper and sold by the meter it brings elegant drama to any room.

Richard Smith’s second wallpaper collection for No.9 Thompson is due to launch at the beginning of 2016.

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