Greek mythology recounts Ceyx and Alcyone as the two love-struck gods who fondly called one another Zeus and Hera. It was a fatal mistake that ignited the wrath of Zeus, the rule of Mount Olympus, who set about for their destruction.

Feeling pity for the doomed couple, the other Olympian gods transformed Ceyx and Alcyone into a pair of mythical Halcyon birds so they could be reunited to live forever by the sea they called home. Today, these Halcyon or Kingfisher birds are fancied by birdwatchers for their bright plumage of burnt orange breasts and turquoise blue feathers; a coloration that has inspired this latest Trevira CS collection by Jim Thompson.

Such eye-catching patterns and quietly elegant textures and plains of the Halcyon Collection make it difficult to believe the fabrics are produced entirely from inherently fire-resistant Trevira CS yarn.

The handle of today’s Trevira CS fabrics feels amazingly similar to fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton, wool and linen but at the same time being inherently fire-retardant and exhibiting extraordinary durability to abrasion.

The Halcyon Collection offers unrivalled versatility in textiles that makes it the go-to collection for the demands of the most luxurious commercial and residential interior projects.

100% Trevira CS
1 colourways
Martindale 41,000 rubs

The delicate quality of the all-round Alba provides a luminous glow to a room with the demureness of a bridal veil.
3596/01 - 04
100% Trevira CS
4 colorways

Vela’s natural dry feel linen look together with its subtle slubs lend an earthy aura to ambient light.

3597/01 - 05
100% Trevira CS
5 colorways

Coutured and cosmopolitan, this five colour strong line of sheers will soften and filter light adding a gentle hue rather than taking over the interior.

3598/01 - 05
100% Trevira CS
5 colorways

A contemplative yet a bold design statement, the chunky flax like filaments of Lyra comes in five architectural shades provides a sense of unfussy structure and serene privacy.
3591/01 – 20
100% Trevira CS
20 colorways
Martindale 52,000 rubs

An elegant drape fabric that beautifully emulates the look of a satin wool. The reduced calendaring finish provides a touch of sheen that imparts a subtle hint of glamour to this lightweight satin that comes in a sophisticated range of 20 colours.
3592/01 – 20
100% Trevira CS
20 colorways
Martindale 48,000 rubs

This heavier weight ‘satin’ is the ‘big brother’ to Triston, with a touch more muscle and a matte finish giving an ever so slightly more serious first impression. Tyler comes in a offering of 20 colours that are suitable for more substantial and architectural drapery as well as light upholstery on occasional furniture.

3595/01 - 06
100% Trevira CS
6 colorways

This sumptuous jacquard is inspired by traditional ikat motifs but conversely exudes a modern and contemporary feel. The interplay of high and low sheen yarns is in perfect proportion for the natural billowing of curtains. Aram is emblematic of Jim Thompson’s continuous evolution beyond silk.

3585/01 - 06
100% Trevira CS
6 colourways

As a counterbalance to the graphic designs of this collection, this nature inspired jacquard weave of Serpentine is a subtle and organic take on the polished lizard skin.
3583/01 - 06
100% Trevira CS
6 colorway

Inspired by mirrored motifs found in Thai temple door panels and walls, this jacquard weave has a dancing dimension and depth that is powerful yet versatile and comfortable in both minimalist and maximalist environs.
3584/01 - 06
100% Trevira CS
6 colorway

Martindale 42,000 rubs

Maze like motif of Chase is a timeless classic of ‘East meets West’, while the perfectly scaled pattern lends a quietly masculine air to any upholstered item.
3587/01 - 06
100% Trevira CS
6 colorway

Martindale 90,000 rubs (front side) , 55,000 rubs (reveres side)

Whilst plain and simple, Beluga, with its restrained beaded pearl-like texture is the ideal fabric for unrivalled hushed elegance.
3590/01 - 06
100% Trevira CS
6 colorway

Martindale 20,000 rubs

The large herringbone motif may remind one of ancient Egyptian mats, the brick pavement of Budapest, or a classic tweed. It’s this mutability that attracts us; when blake takes its place on upholstered furniture, its ample chevrons add unobtrusive vitality to any living space.
3594/01 - 06
100% Trevira CS
6 colorway

Martindale 27,000 rubs

Exceptionally agile fabric the small scale honeycomb chenille pockets make this comfort factor Cooper handsome in both pale and bright shades.
3586/01 - 14
100% Trevira CS
14 colorway

Martindale 150,000 rubs

Whether in a high traffic commercial project or just simply resilient domestic application our Trevira velvet Drake is available in an expansive array of 14 well curated hue.
3589/01 - 06
100% Trevira CS
6 colorway

Martindale 82,000 rubs

Do not be fooled by the delicate design of our cut velvet, with its spirited colour palette and gallantly graphic pattern, Halcyon will out perform almost any other plain or semi upholstery fabrics of any construction. The soft sheen of the deep pile contrasting with the matt lends an air of infinite sophistication to any piece of furniture.
3588/01 - 06
100% Trevira CS
6 colorway

Martindale 40,000 rubs

Depending on the scope of your imagination, these strong, bold patterns may evoke a princely medieval ambience, or perhaps a mid-century Modern sensibility. Versatile Vernon is just as comfortable headlining a conference room or office as making you feel at home in a chic urban boutique hotel.
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