With its original inspiration coming from the textile crafts of Central Asia, through its joyous colour and spirit, ANATOLIA manages to encapsulate the casual, free spirit of the entire Mediterranean coastline. Blue and white prints have the feel of the Greek Islands, blanket style weaves transport us to Tangiers and abstract patterns recall the complex rugs of Turkey.

2157/01 – 04
65% Rayon – 35% Ramie
4 colourways
Martindale 41,000 rubs

A stylised brick or star motif, a common part of the vocabulary of hand woven rugs, is printed on a textured linen mix ground: This gives a richness to the geometric motifs. The scale and durability of the cloth makes it ideal for furniture, and it comes in four colourways that complement the more decorative prints.
2158/01 – 03
100% Linen
3 colorways

The original inspiration for this exciting, multicoloured print was a Caucasian carpet from the nineteenth century. The abstract motifs, particular to the villages in which this genre of rugs was woven, take on a modern quality with areas of graphic details rendered with soft watercolours in saturated colours. Also referred to as Cici rugs they are perhaps the best known and highly regarded of all kilims.

2159/01 – 03
100% Cotton
3 colorways
Martindale 30,000 rubs

Named for the traditional ceramic tiles of Northern Africa, ZELIG is a fresh and crisp interpretation of a centuries old craft. All three colourways are printed on a white cotton twill which enhances the modern, tailored feel, and is redolent of the original inspiration.

2160/01 – 04
100% Linen
4 colorways

Another traditional pattern of irregular zigzags takes on the character of ancient Moroccan carpets, particularly in chocolate and white. The abstract motifs of this genre have changed little over the centuries but have a decidedly modern quality. Thus each of the four colourways would sit well in both a contemporary interior as well as somewhere more eclectic. It is particularly stunning as a curtain, when the folds of the fabric form new and unexpected patterns.
2164/01 – 08
35%Cotton – 30%Viscose – 20%Acrylic
10% Polyester – 5%Linen
8 colourways
Martindale 63,000 rubs

A mix of different coloured yarns are spun together to give the alluring look and luxurious feel of this fabric. A clean colour palette, good wearability and a small amount of lustre bring it right up to date.
2166/01 – 04
60%Cotton – 40% Linen
4 colorways
Martindale 15,000 rubs

Another completely authentic fabric, AISHA is entirely made by hand. This is a one-colour warp print where the vertical cotton yarns of the fabric are printed on BEFORE weaving. The fabric is then woven with horizontal linen weft yarns, which gives the soft look of this traditional craft - evident in the double-sided quality of the design. The four crisp colourways complement the lighter prints in the collection beautifully.

2168/01 – 05
38%Polyester – 26%Viscose
14%Cotton - 22%Linen
5 colourways
Martindale 25,000 rubs

A geometric star stripe, which echoes the theme of the print design ZELIG, MORO is brought to life in a complex melange of different yarns. It has a slightly retro feel and works well with the textured weave BERBER.

2156/01 – 02
53%Cotton – 47% Jute
2 colourways

This hand woven hemp and cotton textile is a true evocation of a traditional flat weave textile found throughout the Mediterranean. It comes in two complex yet useable colourways - soft turquoise with flashes of lime and chocolate and a deep pink and orange colourway punctuated with black and white. The combination of softly irregular yarns, both in colour and texture brings an authenticity to any piece of furniture.
TR1003/01 – 03
70%Cotton – 30%Polyester
3 colorway

Continuing the success of the No.9 borders from September’s collection, MEKNES is inspired by the zelig tile borders of North Africa. Large scale interlocking shapes are embroidered in a combination of singing colours. For example orange with rose and fuchsia, royal and navy blue with turquoise, and Apple and bottle green with beige.
TR1004/01 – 03
70%Cotton – 30%Polyester
3 colorway

Another embroidered tape in three colourways. The design is taken from the fabric MORO, and is interpreted with matt yarns using a “rope” stitch. Perfect for border details on accessories as well as the leading edge of curtains and blinds. Both of these tapes allow the designer to create new and exciting furnishings in combination with the fabrics.
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