With its original inspiration coming from the textile crafts of Central Asia, through its joyous colour and spirit, ANATOLIA manages to encapsulate the casual, free spirit of the entire Mediterranean coastline. Blue and white prints have the feel of the Greek Islands, blanket style weaves transport us to Tangiers and abstract patterns recall the complex rugs of Turkey.

2161/01 - 10
10 colourways
Martindale 56,000 rubs

This new texture is a celebration of our wonderful outdoor yarns - inherently complex, as they are all a melange of two or sometimes three different tones. Both warp and weft have a random mix of different coloured yarns making it a rich, chunky fabric. Needless to say it has spectacular abrasion results.
2162/01 – 12
12 colourways
Martindale 31,000 rubs

This diamond motif is often found in the ground of flat woven textiles, a device to help anchor the more abstract shapes in traditional carpets. Here it has been used on its own - the crispness of the shapes have a modern feel whilst the softness of the Melanie’s yarns keep it from looking stark.

2163/01 – 05
5 colourways
Martindale 28,000 rubs

A combination of satin and plain weave effects give this new stripe a wonderful three-dimensional quality, reminiscent of the more complex “double-beam” technique. Like linen ANATOLIA STRIPE, it brings an authenticity to the collection. Available in five colourways from the softest neutrals to hot pink with green.

2165/01 – 06
6 colourways
Martindale 19,000 rubs

Another fabric inspired by the complex patterns of traditional tile work, the interlocking shapes of TAN TAN have a modern, crisp feel. Used in conjunction with the textures and plains from our outdoor collection, the designer can create the most sophisticated, layered schemes.
2167/01 – 02
2 colourways

From the thirteenth century, the Moroccan city of Fez was renowned for its textile crafts and was home to hundreds of embroidery workshops. Out latest outdoor embroidery is named for this heritage, and the pattern is a simplified version of a traditional motif from flat weave carpets.

Available in two colourways, FEZ brings a graphic quality to a scheme using the beautiful new textures and faux-unis of our second collection of outdoor fabrics.
2122/09 – 13
5 colourways
Martindale 62,000 rubs

After the success of our first outdoor collection, we are adding five new colourways to the fabric PALM PLAIN: hot pink, bright green, a beautiful duck egg blue - the modern neutral, an off white and a pure brilliant white which is sure to become a modern classic.
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