Jim Thompson's vibrant new collection FORBIDDEN COLOURS casts tradition aside and creates a daring and spectacularly colourful new look and feel. The selection focuses on a rich melange of colours inspired by nature, art, and vivid Asian textiles. But, what makes the collection "forbidden"? By the time the American Jim Thompson founded his now famous silk company in Thailand in the 1950s, strict palace laws governing Siamese court dress were obsolete. In earlier times, the finest silks, velvets and imported prints were restricted to the nobility, with special colours and patterns limited to those of high rank or status. To create his debut FORBIDDEN COLOURS collection, Jim Thompson's talented new Creative Director Ou Baholyodhin reexamined this vast treasure trove of sumptuously colourful fabrics, once forbidden to most. Beyond the magnificent colours of our new collection, the textures and touch of these incredible fabrics benefit from Jim Thompson's decades of experience with handspun and handwoven textiles created from the finest natural fibers. Here regal silks, cottons, linens and velvets are juxtaposed with brilliant modern fabrics that are created to endure, but have a handwoven look and feel. Decades ago Jim Thompson was responsible for those unforgettable silks worn by the royals in the classic Hollywood film "The King and I". Our FORBIDDEN COLOURS collection promises a vibrant, engaging and breathtaking selection of fabrics that will be just as memorable!

3559/01 – 33
100% Silk
33 colourways

The name for this sensuous fabric comes from old Thai and means “delicately sweet as a soft smile”. With its low sheen and slubbed texture, this is an entirely new take on our traditional silks. This super soft two-ply fabric, that boasts a wonderful mat texture, will certainly make you smile when you choose from its fabulous range of 33 different colours.
3560/01 – 23
19% Silk – 81% Rayon
23 colourways

LAMIAD, another ancient Thai word that means “gentle”, is represented by an intense, four-ply silk with closely woven, heavily slubbed threads that create an interesting balance between sheen and mat. The fabric has been secretly enhanced with an invisible rayon weft that adds strength and provides for a tighter weave. The selection of 23 colours will provide almost endless ways to find a home for this exquisite fabric.
3561/01 – 21
100% Silk
21 colourways

“Soft, tender and smooth” is how the Thai dictionary defines the name for this rich, lustrous handwoven silk. The fabric’s superb sheen gives this elegant textile its regal appearance, and its handwoven slubbed texture renders this unique textile its wonderful character. An inspiring choice of 21 colours including many acid and mineral tones are highlighted by the handspun feel and look of the warp threads.
3562/01 - 05
50% Linen – 32% Rayon
7% Cotton – 7% Wool – 4% Polyester
5 colourways
Martindale 38,000 rubs (front side),
46,000 rubs (reverse side)
Inspired by nature, this reversible fabric is enhanced by a play of cotton, wool and linen accents; but benefits from a surprisingly high rub test. Five appealing and natural colours will make this textured fabric a modern, smart and dependable choice for upholstery needs.
3563/01 – 03
50% Linen – 32% Rayon
7% Cotton – 7% Wool – 4% Polyester
3 colourways
Martindale 45,000rubs (front side),
28,000rubs (reverse side)

A partner to ORCHRE, also reversible and inspired by modern Italian design, this reversible fabric draws character from its elegant stripe. The result is a textured and contemporary look; perfect for upholstery. This high performing fabric comes in three basic colours and boasts a cotton, linen and wool mélange, that provides for a natural look and feel.

3565/01 – 10
70% Rayon – 30% Cotton
10 colorways
Martindale 23,000 rubs

Sparks of magic catch the eye with this contemporary, comfortable cotton and rayon blend. And, the magic is even more appreciated by the fact that this fabric has a high rub test despite its handwoven look and feel. Intensely masculine and architectural, FLINT comes in eight colourways in natural shades from white to rust to brown, and will certainly add flair to your your upholstery needs.

3566/01 – 09
82% Rayon – 15% Cotton – 3% Polyester
9 colourways
Martindale 31,000 rubs

Another masculine and architectural fabric that is ideal for upholstery because of its high rub test, this classic Herringbone weave delights in a contrasting chevron pattern. While ADLER shouts “texture, texture” and more “texture”, it has a silken smooth feel to the touch. Adler comes in nine colourways, some with highly contrasting warp and weft and others with tonal colours.
3567/01 – 13
26%Cotton – 24%Linen – 50% Rayon
13 colourways
Martindale 34,000 rubs

As its exotic name implies, CINNABAR, used to colour deep red Chinese lacquer, is a precious commodity that was sought after in the Far East. Our CINNABAR fabrics, admired for their florescent hues such as citrus and berry, consist of a soft-spun cotton, rayon and hemp blend. With an attractive sheen, that sets this rustic handwoven textile apart from the others, you will discover 13 colourful ways to include this precious textile in your décor.
3568/01 – 03
30%Cotton – 22%Linen – 48% Rayon
3 colorways
Martindale 32,000 rubs

This bold cotton and linen stripe reinforced with spun rayon has a rustic handwoven texture that offers great feel and look, yet promises to hold up to time. Two colour choices give you two very different upholstery options – one, more contemporary with tones of grey-blue and black and the other a showstopper with bright red, green and yellow stripes!
3569/01 – 03
30%Cotton – 22%Linen – 48% Rayon
3 colourways
Martindale 34,000 rubs

Three colourful variations of a horizontal stripe provide ways to make three uniquely different impressions. Go for beige and the look with be classically modern, choose the turquoise, beige and rust and you are making a unique colour statement with an eye catching contrast, or explode with a tropical colour burst by choosing an orange and rose combination. Handwoven linen and cotton with a touch of rayon makes this fabric durable for upholstery use.
3570/01 – 05
15% Silk – 85% Cotton
5 colorways

This marvelous handwoven fabric benefits from a 100% silk warp. A complex construction creates the look of a traditional horsehair textile, yet in reality, VARA handles superbly as contemporary upholstery fabric. With its subtle two-tone shades, and wonderful earthy colours, you have got to love this heavy, almost tribal silk-cotton blend. A choice of five colours, inspired by nature, range from moss green to beige browns. Vara is a real friend of a fabric that should find lots of ways to fit into your lifestyle.
3571/01 – 04
100% Silk
4 colourways

Just as an elixir, a magical potion, can change your life, our magical ELIXIR, an elegant silk stripe in four different colourways, can change your ambiance. This taffeta silk has stripes that vary in enchanting hues of lilac, amethyst, violet, aqua, duck egg, ice or other understated mineral shades. Choose this breathtaking fabric and observe how the sateen finish shimmers and glistens in the changing light.
3572/01 – 03
48% Silk – 52% Rayon
3 colourways

With dramatic, over scaled stripes, this slubbed silk begs to be transformed into elegant curtains or oversized cushions. Choose from one of the three satisfying colour combinations including pearly white and beige; moss green mixed with golden flax and chocolate brown or rust red contrasted to gold and light greens.
3573/01 – 14
35% Cotton – 24% Silk
22% Rayon – 19% Polyester
14 colourways

This exceptional lightweight silk-cotton blend stands out as truly noble because of its amazing hammered effect. Create curtains with this splendid material and you will add unexpected glamour and elegance to your ambiance. As drapes, Bianca’s three-dimensional construction coupled with its reflective sheen will play with light, sending it bouncing back into your interior surroundings. This sensuous fabric is offered in a grand choice of 14 colourways.
3574/01 – 07
100% Silk
7 colourways

The name EDEN conjures up the idea of a fruitful garden of delights, and not doubt, even a proud Chinese emperor would be delighted to have this silk jacquard in his collection. The oversized pattern is taken from 19th century archives of printed chinoiserie toile designs, but has been reinterpreted in a sophisticated contemporary way to create this 100% silk jacquard. Eden breaks away from traditional toile colours, coming in seven autumn-inspired hues that highlight orange, brown and gold. There is even one stunning fabric that contrasts turquoise to a simmering golden brown.
3575/01 – 08
65% Silk – 35% Cotton
8 colourways

To create the powerful design of this luxurious silk blend, a raised zigzag ikat pattern has been woven to float top on a pure satin ground. The result is an oversized cloud-like pattern that shimmers and ripples with changing light. Eight hombre colourways in exquisite contrasting tones will challenge your imagination.
3576/01 – 06
25% Silk – 27% Viscose – 35%
Polyester – 13% Fancy zari
6 colourways

The meaning of the name “CASPER” is treasure, and this fabric with its metallic gold and silver yarns woven into a silken ground is a textile that you will certainly treasure for its dynamic, bold effect. The sumptuous yet sparing use of metallic threads creates a sophisticated, large trellis effect. CASPER, a woven mélange of silken yarns comes in six earth tone colourways.
3577/01 – 07
100% Silk
Polyester – 13% Fancy zari
7 colourways

This exquisite 6-ply oversized silk ikat is a true Jim Thompson classic. The natural hand-reeled texture of this matt Thai silk gives ANAIS its special elegant touch. Seven colourways from flaming reds to indigo blues will ensure unique addition to a variety of colour schemes.
3578/01 – 05
100% Cotton
5 colourways
Martindale 22,000 rubs

Inspired by archives of antique 19th century chinoiserie toiles, this garden scene with its background of ephemeral floating clouds is printed on fine cotton sateen. YLANG offers five tempting and surprising colour choices that make this updated version of a traditional print an oriental success!
3581/01 – 06
46% Viscose – 34% Linen – 20% Cotton
6 colourways
Martindale 40,000 rubs
(front and reverse side)

Completely reversible, this dramatic upholstery fabric features the same bold graphic design on both sides. Inspired by Chinese fretwork, the dynamic geometric motif comes in six contemporary colourways. Smooth to the touch, this cotton and linen blend promises durability for upholstery use.
3582/01 – 23
Pile: 100% Silk
23 colourways
Martindale 25,000 rubs

This amazingly soft, deep pile velvet could only be so luxurious because it is made from 100% silk. Inspired by sumptuous medieval textiles, the opulent, jewel-like colour range includes shades such as sapphire blue, emerald green and golden topaz. This is Jim Thompson’s richest, deepest pile velvet collection ever, and with an extravagant selection of 23 colours, you will certainly find regal ways to add majesty to your surroundings.
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