Dipping elegantly into the past, dramatic Ziggurat forms and natural swirling marble patterns of the Art Deco movement are the source of inspiration for Jim Thompson’s exciting new collection. An apt originator for the creative designs of Ou Baholoyodhin as he follows in the footsteps of the company’s founder and lovingly reawakens an era of opulence.Jim Thompson, a man who would later fall deeply in love with the East, had his architectural roots in New York where he spent an incredible few years in the City of Dreams, immersing himself in the grand and exceptionally innovative styles of the 20’s and 30’s Deco period, whilst socialising with the city’s elite. During this period the vibrant city transformed in to a modern, decadent jungle of towering, geometrical edifices. Intricate geometric forms were echoed in modern architecture, such as the landmark Paramount building sporting the stepped back terraces of the great pyramids and temples. Grand interiors boasted vast steel panels, classic sun burst motifs, geometric shapes and stylized images in gold and monochrome hues. Whilst in the East Side of Midtown Manhattan, heeled shoes could be heard echoing on the pristine, grand marble floors as the city’s flamboyant and extravagant elite danced the night away at the Waldorf Hotel.Opulent prints in a myriad of colourways, rich textured depictions of dense natural landscape, and sumptuous Art Deco inspired neutral palettes feature prominently in Ou Baholyodhin’s September collection, reinventing the extravagance of Jim Thompson’s time spent in New York.

3618/01 – 04
100% Linen
4 colourways
Width 140 cm

Named after the small manmade stream which threads its way through part of New York’s iconic central park, Gill is an enchanting vision of bold, simple curves. Screen printed on the finest linen, Gill is available in four distinct colourways, from classic black to a daring, sumptuous burnt orange.
3619/01 – 03
62% Linen - 38% Polyester
3 colorways
Martindale 20,000 rubs
Width 140 cm

Taking inspiration from the soft tidal marks on the picturesque beaches of Randall’s Island, an oasis bizarrely found in the centre of New York, Harlem mirrors the distinctive blemishes left behind by the tides of the iconic Harlem River. This striking print boasts four vivid and bold colourways that reflect the vibrant buzz of city life found in Thompson’s 1930’s New York.

3620/01 – 02
100% Linen
2 colorways
Width 137 cm

This exquisite print on 100% linen is available in two exceptional colourways, painting a natural scene in both rich autumnal hues and nostalgic sepia. Differing somewhat to his interest in bold, geometric design, Jim Thompson was passionate and inspired by the luxuriant colours found in the natural landscape, New York’s Central Park being an oasis amongst the chaotic bustle of the city.

3621/01 – 03
100% Linen
3 colorways
Width 137 cm

A unique screen-print available in two metallic colourways; in keeping with the metallic and golden hues found in Art Deco design. The spire-like pattern finds inspiration in New York’s iconic Chrysler Building, which at one stage held the honourable title as being the world’s tallest building. The sumptuous fabric’s 100% linen ground recreates the luxury and opulence of the era.
3622/01 – 05
52% Viscose - 24% Linen - 18% Polyester - 6% Cotton
5 colorways
Martindale 38,000 rubs
Width 142 cm

Before realising his destiny in textiles, Thompson worked as an architect for Holden, McLaughlin and Associates; a respected firm where Thompson designed extravagant homes for New York’s East Coast elite. The complex, interlocking, hexagonal shape is in keeping with the geometric patterns often found in Art Deco architectural design and textiles, skillfully fusing Thompson’s own two great passions.
3623/01 – 05
52% Viscose - 24% Linen - 18% Polyester - 6% Cotton
5 colorways
Martindale 40,000 rubs
Width 142 cm

The cubist upholstery mirrors the iconic geometric shapes of the Art Deco era and is available in five variable colourways from deep red and forest green, to softer and more subtle grey tones.

3624/01 – 05
40% Viscose - 38% Cotton
18% Linen - 4% Polyester
5 colorways
Martindale 25,000 rubs
Width 142 cm

An Art Deco Landmark, the famous Waldorf Hotel was a popular haunt for New York’s 1930’s elite, providing high society with a fun, albeit extravagant, escape from the restrictions of the depression. The buildings Art Deco design, including the structure’s iconic spire roof, inspires this unique design.

3625/01 – 06
44% Linen - 28% Viscose
22% Cotton - 6% Polyester
6 colourways
Martindale 22,000 rubs
Width 140 cm

Dedicated to Thompson’s years as a student at the prestigious, Ivy League, Princeton University, this subtly sophisticated chequered upholstery. Found in six differing and distinctive colourways, ranging from soft greys to dark blue and an unusual forest green, on a majority linen ground, this fabric intelligently reflects the quality of Thompson’s elite education.
50% Cotton - 50% Modal
15 colorways
Martindale 275,000 rubs
Width 140 cm

Madox pays homage to the prolific English writer, Ford Madox Ford, whose most noted work, The Transatlantic Review, as well as a string of well received novels, were popular during the thirties. Using Maddox as a stylistic literary device the M in the title refers to the Modal velvet element in this rich and luxuriant fabric, available in a staggering 16 colourways. Madox comes in a myriad of shades, from bright and vibrant colours to soft and subtle tones.
100% Cotton
1 colorway
Width 150 cm

Chanin references the famous Art Deco structure designed by Irwin S. Chanin. This one off embroidery finds inspiration from the embellishments of this iconic building, which maintained the general Deco style throughout. One can particularly draw similarities with the decadent and luxuriant patterns found on the iconic gates that led to Chanin’s own private offices; or perhaps the opulent bronze ornamentation found throughout the highly decorative interior.
3628/01 – 07, 10
55% Cotton - 25% Polyacrylic
10% Polyester - 5% Wool - 5% Linen
10 colorways

Martindale 30,000 rubs
Width 140 cm

The name of this simple upholstery fabric refers to the easy living nature of this leafy residential area of New York. Famed as one of the cultural centres of the city’s art world, Chelsea is found in 10 colourways, including mineral tones, aqua, leafy green and an autumnal burnt orange.
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