It is Chinese New Year and colossal papier mâché lions glide and whirl among the cramped spectators, seizing luscious green lettuce leaves from outside shop vendor's establishments as they pass, and dancing to the rhythmic beat of a drum. Jim Thompson, always charmed by such spectacles, was drawn to the vivid colours and excited atmosphere found at Thailand’s carnivals and festivities. He was enthralled by how Bangkok transfigured when the dazzling, coloured lights started to glow at nightfall. This was evident by the bright lanterns that decorated his house and flower-filled garden during his far-famed parties.

Jim Thompson had a special appreciation for Asian culture, with a particular partiality for exquisite Chinese ceramics. Alongside his love for cultural artifacts and celebrations of all kinds, Thompson loved to travel and was fascinated by the lives of others residing in far-flung, exotic and historically rich destinations around the world. For January 2017, Ou Baholyodhin's collection celebrates this marriage of culture and travel, which is vividly encapsulated in the title Leo de Janeiro, which unites the iconic Chinese lion and the ultimate carnival. Ou plays on themes and symbols from Chinese culture, such as the mythical lion that brings good fortune, to folklore and festivities. However, other sources of influence are less transparent; for example the recurrent bamboo motifs are a subtle ode to nature; meaning 'to congratulate' in Chinese and symbolising longevity and vitality, because of its durability and ability to survive in all weather, a quality echoed in Jim Thompson fabrics. Like the artistic references that inspire the collection, Bamboo can be found in many exotic locations.

The collection features bright carnivalesque colours and vivid patterns and prints, with shades inspired by tropical flowers, as well as exotic island forna and traditional, local island art. Leo de Janeiro is a true celebration of rich colour, tradition, culture, exoticism, travel, and nature.


3629/01 - 03
Content : 100% Linen
Width : 137cm / 54”
Repeat : 137cm H. x 134cm V.
Martindale : N/A

A charming and lush print that brings to life the ‘Lion of January’, inspired by the universally iconic dancing lion at Chinese New Year parades. The design celebrates festivity and nature, bringing a fresh take on classic chinoiserie motifs. Leo de Janeiro’s detailed artwork is printed onto a lightweight, satin linen ground; its classic, softening finish adds to the print’s smooth and ethereal drape.



3630/01 - 05
Content : 100% Silk
Width : 140cm / 55”
Repeat : 71cm H. x 82.5cm V.
Martindale : N/A

This intricate, oriental decoration mirrors the regal, floral motifs that adorn traditional Asian ceramics, such as those currently showcased at the Jim Thompson House. Here, ornamental luxury has been transformed into an opulent, 100% silk jacquard; available in vivid and subtle nuances that depict the true depth of colour and sheen of Jim Thompson silk.


3631/01 - 07
Content : 70% Cotton, 30% Silk
Width : 142cm / 56”
Repeat : 12cm H. x 12cm V.
Martindale : N/A

This simple, artistic trellis motif, woven with a silk and cotton blend, personifies bamboo’s rich and intriguing history. Versatile in nature, this reversible fabric is perfect for drapery. The sophisticated design is jacquard woven, to pick up the elegant lines of the bamboo.


3633/01 - 07
Content : 55% Rayon, 45% Cotton
Width : 137cm / 54”
Repeat : 3.9cm H. x 10cm V.
Martindale : 38,000

This bold, and eye-catching cut-velvet celebrates luxury. The material’s contrasting cotton ground and lustrous pile enhances the heavenly soft and silky feel. This glossy fabric is available in classic neutrals as well as statement colourways.


3634/01 - 05
Content : 100% Linen
Width : 137cm / 54”
Repeat : 137cm H. x 132.5cm V.
Martindale : 30,000

A mythical scene unfolds in this unique print, featuring an array of animals in a celebration of Asian culture, printed onto fine linen. Menagerie, literally meaning ‘a collection of animals kept for public display’, is a performance, showing a fantastical forest scene where all the animal kingdom can graze together. This inspires the mystical element often found in Chinese folklore.


Content : 66% Linen, 34% Viscose
Width : 135cm / 53”
Repeat : 63.5cm H. x 77.5cm V.
Martindale : N/A

This vibrant and exotic embroidered design, takes inspiration from the colourful, ornamental Heliconia flowers that still bloom at Jim Thompson’s former home. Embroidered using both a computerized and hand-guided process onto 100% unbleached linen, with a soft, lightweight woven construction, the beauty of the tropical floral design contrasts charmingly with the neutral background.


Content : 75% Linen, 25% Viscose
Width : 140cm / 55”
Repeat : 64cm H. x 78cm V.
Martindale : 28,000

Pomare’s abstract design is inspired by the oceanic art of the Pōmare Dynasty of Tahiti, sharing its partiality for distorted forms. The distinctive appliquéd embroidery detail is achieved using a computerized machine embroidery process on a sumptuous linen ground, creating a soft, lightweight, woven construction. Pomare is a unique celebration of world culture.


3638/01 - 16
Content : 86% Cotton, 14% Linen
Width : 140cm / 55”
Repeat : N/A
Martindale : 20,000

Spanish for cove, Cala is a fresh take on the historic silk moiré, a technique practiced since the Middle Ages. This calender rolled effect has been used to create a calming, coastal landscape inspired design that dances on a matte, natural composition of cotton and linen. Cala updates the original classic moiré with a large-scale figuring and a contemporary colour palette of sandy tones and bright pops of fuchsia and lime.


3639/01 - 03
Content : 65% Viscose, 32% Cotton, 3% Polyester
Width : 140cm / 55”
Repeat : 70cm H.
Martindale : 16,000

Play Misty, a tapestry jacquard weave, uses an ombré effect to create a tonal, moody and mysterious atmosphere. This design involves a complex technique; threads are carefully woven to gradually blend one colour with another, moving shades repetitively from light to dark. A smoothing calender finish enhances the shading effect and contrast of the surface, resulting in this smokey and mystical design, available in aquarell blue and soft hues.


3640/01 - 02, 04, 06 - 11
Content : 64% Viscose, 19% Linen, 17% Polyester
Width : 138cm / 54”
Repeat : N/A
Martindale : 122,000

Harrow is an ode to rural festivity with this cut-velvet design, mimicking the ploughing lines seen at the annual Thai harvest festival. This luxuriously plush velvet pile compliments the luxe colours and sheen of the pile yarns, that come in a myriad of bright jewel tones and rich, earthy nudes. The fabric’s impressive Martindale makes it an excellent choice for upholstery.

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