Autumn 2012

The famous American Jim Thompson once compared the garden that surrounds his Bangkok home to a “jungle”. Although his teak house, ‘now a museum’ is located in the center of a modern metropolis, rain forest trees, flowering bananas and different varieties of palm still lend a jungle atmosphere to the charming residence. The colorful exuberance of lush tropical plants that inspired many of the beautifully patterned silks originally created by Mr. Thompson continues to be a vibrant source of inspiration for Jim Thompson’s modern designs. This season let our exotic Bamboo Forest Collection add an exciting tropical touch to your creativity.

Caladium Caladium
3491/01 to 04
100% Linen
4 colorways

The distinctive multi-colored leaves of the elegant Caladium render this colorful plant a popular feature in landscapes around the world. Here, Jim Thompson honors this lively garden addition with our own Caladium. This elegant linen with beautifully printed floral motifs inspired by botanical drawings has a precise, formal look. However, the vibrant colors of the large leafy pattern lend a taste of pure exotic.
Parterre Parterre
3486/01 to 07
50% Cotton – 50% Rayon
7 colorways
Martindale 20,000 rubs

Our Parterre is inspired by Chinese fretwork designs, emulating the pleasing interlocking repeat patterns that appear on traditional Chinese furniture. However, here we override tradition by adding unexpected color combinations, giving our upholstery fabric a sumptuous modern twist. Parterre combines fresh colors with a precise, graphic look that will fit perfectly in any décor.
Trefoil Trefoil
3489/01 to 03
100% Silk
3 colorways

This marvelous, 4-ply silk ikat is inspired by traditional Thai patterns that are painstakingly created by dyeing the threads before they are woven. For our Trefoil design, try to imagine a field of clover magnified into a bold, repeat pattern. The subtle sheen and classic feel of this elegant silk makes it a hallmark of Jim Thompson creativity.
Jubatus Jubatus
3487/01 to 07
100% Cotton
7 colorways
Martindale 18,000 rubs

Once again we find a Jim Thompson textile inspired by a jungle animal – this time our small patterned weave is reminiscent of the cheetah. This three-color weave has a strié running through the weft, giving it our signature look that emphasizes depth through a hand-woven effect.
Saree Stripe Saree Stripe
3490/01 to 03
75% Linen – 18% Polyester – 7% Cotton
3 colorways

This sheer fabric with metallic threads boasts a surprising pattern inspired by traditional Indian floral block-print designs. Contrasting sections of long stripes alternate with floral patterns to create an intensely ethereal impression. This wonderfully light fabric will bring romance and a touch of exotic to even the most urban setting.
Garden Trail Garden Trail
3492/01 to 02
75% Linen – 25% Viscose
2 colorways

This highly unusual, eye-catching “Tree of Life” design is intricately embroidered on a linen ground. Garden Trail will create a path to finding new ways to incorporate garden themes in your décor. The two chosen colorways mix a traditional theme with contemporary colours to give a crisp, modern look and appeal.
Jaguar Jaguar
3484/01 to 02
26% Wool – 34% Rayon – 40% Cotton
2 colorways

Conjure up the image of a jaguar running through a tropical jungle and you will understand the inspiration for this stylized pattern. When the jaguar leaps through the trees, you can only see a pattern of spots. However, look more closely and you will discover that the spots on Jim Thompson’s Jaguar are actually embroidered onto a wool and cotton ground that is reminiscent of classic Jim Thompson six-ply silks.
Bamboo Forest Bamboo Forest
3488/01 to 05
55% Silk – 45% Cotton
5 colorways

For this premier fabric in our new collection we have created a refined silk jacquard woven in an elegant bamboo pattern. Bamboo is traditionally used in Chinese art as an auspicious symbol of longevity and resilience. Our exotic bamboo design has been inspired by hand painted Chinese ink scrolls. The grandeur of the scale and choice of colors hints at the glamour of the 1970’s, giving a more lively and romantic appeal. Above all, its iridescence and the use of fine silk yarns to create subtle shades and tones are what make this jacquard so intriguing.
Folia Folia
3483/01 to 03
25% Linen – 75% Polyester
3 colorways

Inspired by an ikat motif, Jim Thompson draws from traditional sources to create a contemporary mood. This delightfully double-width sheer has a subtle, stylized ikat pattern created with the latest laser-cut technology. Here the pattern is enlarged to a dramatically bold size. One can easily image air-light Folia curtains gently billowing in an open window with sunshine playing on the subtle color variations.
  Tapa Stripe
3485/01 to 04
60% Cotton – 40% Linen
4 colorways

This sturdy, distinguished graphic stripe with its raised ribbon effect draws its name from the heavy, patterned bark-cloth that was traditionally used in the Pacific Islands. Geometric patterns in shades of brown and beige give Polynesian tapa cloth a distinctive, memorable look. Our Jim Thompson Tapa Stripe will find just as memorable a place in your décor.
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