As a world traveler Jim Thompson was a connoisseur of fine décor and art. He had a flair for bringing together an eclectic blend of textiles, antiques, and architecture to create his own unique lifestyle and home. This great tradition lives on in the company he founded fifty years ago. The Jim Thompson Far Pavilions Collection emulates his sophisticated taste by searching for inspirations from very distant corners of the earth. From the vibrant colors of the Indian continent to the nature-inspired textures of the vast North American landscape, here Jim Thompson provides a selection of amazingly versatile and functional fabrics to turn any décor into a Far Pavilion of the imagination.


5 colorways
55%Silk – 45%Polyester
Width: 139cm/55”

The Iroquois Indian tribe dwelled in the primeval forests of the American northeast. This swirling pattern with its bold silver loops recalls magical aspects of the Iroquois landscape - windswept snowdrifts glimmering under silver moonbeams, rays of the sun sparkling through a canopy of tree branches, or a curl of smoke rising through a diamond star sky.

This silk fabric has a special richness and quality that would suit a vast range of design needs.

8 colorways
24%Cotton – 76%Polyester
Width: 142cm/56”

The great Navajo Indian nation finds its home in the canyons and dry lands of the American southwest. This is a place where time slowly wears away the surface of the arid lands. The pattern reminds one of the ways that the wind and annual rains etch similar lines on the walls of soft sandstone canyons. The texture of this Navajo cotton and poly blend created by the “double-weave” technique is as timeless as the southwest landscape.
4 colorways
50%Silk – 38%Cotton - 12%Polyester
Width: 137cm/54”

This rich fabric is named for the Hopi, another Indian tribe of the great American southwest. The design of this fabric calls to mind the pattern of Indian baskets which are superimposed with the large swirls reminiscent of buffalo horns. There is a surreal quality to Hopi that lends itself to a wide range of decorating concepts. A design inspired by the American southwest, this fabric could easily be at home anywhere.
11 colorways
97%Cotton - 3%Polyester
Martindale: 65,000 rubs
Width: 137cm/54”

Every North American Indian tribe has its shaman or magic man to evoke spirits, cast spells and create special potions. With Shaman Jim Thompson has worked some magic of its own. This heavy duty, pure cotton upholstery fabric will cast a spell with its hypnotic pattern of raised dots and curved lines.
2 colorways
54%Linen – 32%Rayon - 10%Polyester – 4%Cotton
Width: 137cm/54”

With this light, airy fabric we travel to the wide open plains of North America to honor the Cheyenne another great Indian tribe. Here the landscape of an expansive open prairie with vast neutral skies has inspired Jim Thompson to create embroidery on a sheer linen fabric. The raised vertical lines pattern is ideal for curtains where a light and open feel is needed.
3 colorways
67%Viscose – 27%Cotton -6%Nylon
Martindale: 100,000 rubs
Width: 139cm/55”

This magnificent textile with its sensuous texture is taken from the classic Jim Thompson “ikat” design “Illusion”. Stripes of the softest velvet fade into light satiny lines dotted with touches of more velvet to create “Velvet Illusion”. This regal fabric comes in three versatile colorways which will create the illusion of luxury in any surroundings.
1 colorways
Width: 137cm/54”

India has its architectural masterpiece the Taj Mahal, and the Far Pavilion Collection has its own masterpiece, this bold silk stripe. Colorful bands are bordered by marble-like white stripes giving a new freshness to the traditional taffeta stripe. The effect will surprise and delight the eye. And, with such a wide range of colors in the fabric, Taj Mahal will work with just about any décor.
3 colorways
Width: 137cm/54”

This striking silk stripe is named for one of the world’s most colorful and exotic cities. Think of streets dotted with hundreds of colorful saris or the festival of Holi when residents throw colored powders at each other. The stripe pattern found in Jim Thompson’s Delhi with its blending colors is as vibrant as the city itself.
6 colorways
Width: 137cm/54”

This elegant silk is named for the exotic princely home of some of India’s most famous Maharajas. Jaipur borders on the Rajasthan desert and the subtle colors found in this one-ply silk are inspired by the intense light that pales the view. Neutral, blending shades of soft color created with fine lines make Jaipur a fabric that would serve as décor for any Far Pavilion from the palaces of Rajasthan to your own home.

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