Orientaliste is the third collection for No.9 Thompson designed by British designer Richard Smith. For this collection, Smith has turned to the Far East and produced an eclectic and fresh range of Chinoiserie designs mixed with more graphic patterns. No.9 adopts a new take on Oriental inspiration, remaining true to the heritage of the Jim Thompson brand, whilst using a light painterly style on casual linens to give the collection a younger, more up to date edge. Combining a distinctly retro look with a highly contemporary use of colour; Orientaliste is a nod to the continuing lure of the east.
Hexastripe 2068/01-05
60% Cotton - 40% Jute
5 colourways
Martindale 20,000 rubs

Hexastripe takes its inspiration from the interlocking shapes of Chinese paving stones. Different shades and tones are broken into abstract geometry on a heavy linen ground. Harmonious palettes of colour and the manageable scale make it ideal for upholstering furniture.

60% Cotton - 40% Jute
4 colourways
Martindale 20,000 rubs

Kesi depicts stylised peonies from an antique Chinese tapestry. The shape of each flower, leaf and branch are printed onto a slubby linen, giving a ‘block print’ effect and a dynamic hand-made quality to the fabric. The metallic overprinting of some of the leaves lends this fabric a modern edge.

Tao Flower

3 colourways

Tao Flower is named after the 4th century poet who, frustrated by his post in government, retired to tend to his garden. These flowers have come to be identified with Tao and his Utopian retreat. A scattered repeat of beautifully drawn chrysanthemums float against a soft trellis ground – the fineness of line, soft colours and the impressionistic trellis of the glazed linen ground marry beautifully to make the most ethereal decorative fabric.

Tea Party

7 colourways
Martindale 14,000 rubs

Tea Party is a witty take on a classic ‘Toile de Jouy’ design. Mythical birds sit in fantastic trees whilst little acrobats somersault, balancing tea pots on their feet, watched over by smiling characters. The slubby linen ground and the unexpected colour combinations give a modern freshness to a classical idea.


8 colourways
Martindale 11,000 rubs

Fretwork has been created by the same painterly hand as Tea Party and is printed on the same gorgeous linen. The texture and washed handle of the fabric gives it a truly vintage look. An endless maze of trellis work is printed in seven monotone colourways. Ice cream pastels, marigold yellow, teal and black all feature in Fretwork’s mouth-watering palette.

China Lily

2067/01 -04
4 colourways
Martindale 43,000 rubs

China Lily shows a cluster of beautifully drawn lilies and their unmistakable leaves growing from graphic, striped clouds against a watery ground. These stylised motifs are taken from classic “Gou” embroidery where the motifs are outlined in stitch-work.


53%Cotton – 47%Polyester
7 colourways
Martindale 26,000 rubs

Nanking is a fresh take on the story of the Dutch cargo ship, laden with porcelain that sank in the South China seas in 1752. The precious cargo was rediscovered in 1985 in almost perfect condition. Silhouettes of cups, teapots, plates and vases overlap one another in a whimsical arrangement of positive and negative.


53%Cotton – 47%Polyester
10 colourways
Martindale 29,000 rubs

Yangtze has softly undulating stripes that evoke the current of a river. Freely painted with an unsteady hand, every curve and contour has been meticulously recreated at the loom. The result is a useable stripe with a softness and wit that one has come to associate with the fabrics of No.9 Thompson. The colours work in harmony with those of Nanking.

Criss Cross

80%Cotton – 20%Polyester
15 colourways
Martindale 13,000 rubs

Criss Cross, as the name suggests, comprises of chunky yarns woven in a chequer-board pattern. The different fibres all take the dyes in their own special way giving the fabric a heathery, melangé look. This is further enhanced by a very gentle polish and a colour palette inspired by natural dyes. It has a wonderfully soft feel, which belies its impressive durability.


32%Linen – 26%Viscose rayon – 42%Cotton
9 colourways
Martindale 12,000 rubs

Puwen is the Chinese term for a striped fabric. The herringbone construction and rustic slubs were inspired by very early Chinese fabrics and it is available in ten unexpected colour combinations that work with both the prints and the other weaves. Great attention has been paid to the handle of this fabric so that it has a delightfully soft touch.

Plain Rong

39%Cotton – 31%Linen – 30% Spun rayon
18 colourways
Martindale 42,000 rubs

Plain Rong, on closer inspection is reminiscent of a Jim Thompson hand-woven silk. It has a subtle iridescence which accentuates the contours of furniture and furnishings alike.


49%Rayon – 37%Linen – 14%Cotton
9 colourways
Martindale 15,000 rubs

Treillage is a rich linen weave. The versatile design is a small-scale version of Fretwork and, woven from an inherently strong yarn, is ideal for upholstery. The colours work beautifully with the prints from all three No.9 collections.

Summertime 2061/02-07
49%Rayon – 37%Linen – 14%Cotton
6 colourways
Martindale 17,000 rubs

Summertime is full of air optimism. Chinese butterflies and bees flit between freely drawn scroll-work. The lightness of the handle of the linen cloth and the soft colours all work together to bring a breath of fresh air.

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