ORISSA is the fourth collection designed by Richard Smith for this exciting young brand from Jim Thompson.

Taking inspiration from the treasure trove of arts and crafts of India and Central Asia, Smith has reinterpreted them with the No.9 twist. ORISSA is an eclectic and exciting jamboree of textures and techniques brought together in stunning and fresh colour combinations; smart designs in both weaves and prints are all drawn and painted by Smith’s own inimitable and fluid hand.

Drawing on Jim Thompson’s understanding of the unique, these vibrant, exciting ideas have been made real as a collection of alluring and useable fabrics.

PURI 2084/01-14
14 colorways
55%Cotton – 45%Rayon
Martindale: 48,000 rubs
Width: 139cm/55”

This polished chenille cloth with great durability gives a fresh and contemporary look to a classic, solid upholstery fabric.
SANTOSH 2073/01-07
7 colorways
48%Polyester – 52%Cotton
Martindale: 25,000 rubs
Width: 142cm/56”

A cotton-rich, two color woven fabric derived from the classic No.9 design Amasura. The construction's smart sheen and stunning color combinations - apple with turquoise, chocolate with pink - give Santosh a life and identity of its own.
JATNI 2072/01-05
5 colorways
64%Rayon – 35%Linen
Martindale: 52,500 rubs
Width: 142cm/56”

The rustic nature of this broad ombré stripe was inspired by a nineteenth century hand-woven document. Reproduced with a slubby viscose yarn, it makes for an elegant and durable dual-purpose cloth.
SURYA 2074/01-06
6 colorways
80%Rayon – 20%Cotton
Martindale: 38,000 rubs
Width: 142cm/56”

Eight different colored horizontal stripes in each colourway give a rich and varied texture to this fabric. The look and a wonderfully soft handle make Surya appealing for so many different interiors.
CITRA 2065/01-16
16 colorways
Width: 145cm/57”

Our favorite slubbed linen, used as a ground for many of No.9’s classic prints, is now available as a glazed solid. The exciting colour palette has been carefully chosen to work with both past and new collections.
PHULKARI 2077/01-04
4 colorways
65% Rayon - 35% Ramie
Martindale: 38,000 rubs
Width: 132cm/52”

Bold roundels of dramatic color emulate the hand-appliquéd crafts of central Asia. Printed on a heavily textured and very durable cloth, Phulkari would look wonderful upholstered on furniture as well as opulent curtains.
ARYA VINE 2079/01-05
5 colorways
Width: 130cm/51”

Delicately drawn fruit and flowers wind their way though this decorative Tree of Life. Quirky color combinations combined with the heavily slubbed linen ground give the look and feel of a classic vintage cloth.
TIGER HILLS 2078/01-03
3 colorways
Martindale: 18,000 rubs
Width: 132cm/52”

Inspired by the flora and fauna of traditional hand-blocked "palampores", then redrawn and recoloured with a totally fresh eye. The patchwork of patterns within patterns makes Tiger Hills a fabric with enduring appeal.
1 colorways
75%Linen – 25%Polyester
Width: 135cm/53”

A devoré pattern of irreverently cascading beads is burnt out of a wonderfully light, linen-faced cloth. The pearls fall in soft stripes which work well with the elegant drape of the fabric.
MUNGELI 2075/01-03
3 colorways
86%Linen – 14%Rayon
Width: 147cm/58”

Retro flowers, leaves, swirls and zigzags are all depicted in the lightest of embroidery. The three colorways, all using No.9's favorite linen ground cloth, give three completely different moods. Mungeli will surely become a classic.
AMBER STRIPE 2081/01-04
4 colorways
95%Linen – 5%Rayon
Width: 147cm/58”

Embroidered steps inspired by the architecture of Jaipur's Amber Palace ascend this simple linen. Each coloured stripe climbs at it's own pace and pitch, but all in harmony with one another. Restrained yet fun, Amber Stripe would inject a fresh shot of No.9 into any room.
3 colorways
95%Linen – 5%Rayon
Width: 147cm/58”

Derived from the classic Mughal motif, intricate chain stitch generously spaced on a natural open-weave ground marry well for an elegant and useable sheer fabric.

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