PARADISO is the new exquisite collection from Jim Thoompson. Sharing a palette of mineral inspired colours, each fabric is a blend of sublime yarns: softest cashmere, raw and dyed linens, silk, fluid viscose. Mixed in the most heavenly combinations, they give the interior designer the most sophisticated ingredients to create a space of quiet luxury.
5 colourways
14% Cashmere – 31%Linen
31% Cotton – 24% Viscose
Width: 139cm/55”

PARADISO DELUXE is a cashmere woven plain. The weight and sumptuous touch combine to give the most wonderful handle. The ethereal colour palette of five chalky shades is enhanced by the softest flecks of colours in the yarn, and contributes to the air of utter luxury.

3 colourways
14% Cashmere – 31%Linen
31% Cotton – 24% Viscose
Width: 139cm/55”

has 3 broad bands of sophisticated colours, each repeating twice in the width. Silver grey with warm beige and natural. Soft blue with natural and lavender. Moss green, celadon and silver. The same construction as Paradiso Deluxe with its heathery cashmere rich content would make the most sensual bed throws, cushions and curtains.


2 colourways
100% Linen
Width: 142cm/56”

JIM’S DREAM II is another reinterpretation of the Jim Thompson weaving scene which has been used as the “face” of Jim Thompson for many years. In its latest incarnation, the design has the appearance of a wall painting, lightly sketched, antiqued from years of exposure to the elements but still showing the charming details that have made this pattern endlessly popular. Printed on a casual linen in two monochrome colourways, it makes the chicest printed fabric and could be used in the most contemporary or classical schemes.


3 colourways
20% Silk – 45% Linen – 35%Viscose
Width: 142cm/56”

The name is as much inspired by its three colourways as by the strange and beautiful Tree of Life pattern. Mineral Tree is woven on a silk warp which gives a quiet lustre to the fabric; the linen and viscose in the weft gives a fluidity that is in harmony with the grand, open layout of the design.


30 colourways
30% Cotton – 70% Rayon
Width: 137cm/54”

More colourways have been added to this ever popular handwoven “faux-uni”. The subtle mix of chenille yarns on a very fine warp gives a lightness to the fabric and a “changeant” appearance the wide range of colourways.


8 colourways
54% Linen – 46% Rayon
Martindale: 35,000 rubs
Width: 139cm/55”

The play of light on the surface of Savanna captures the enduring appeal of a softly undulating landscape. The fabric is dual-purpose-plenty strong enough for a tailored sofa, but also a light and fluid handle making it ideal for curtains.


13 colourways
100% Rayon
Martindale: 40,000 rubs
Width: 142cm/56”

Based on the construction of Jim Thompson’s much loved handwoven silks, Sibelius captures the lyrical rhythm of the shuttle working through the loom. Through the tweed like mix of colours and textures, the ethereal beauty of the northern lights. It has the look of a hand weave but the strength of a
“contract” fabric.


6 colourways
19% Silk – 81% Linen
Width: 142cm/56”

ISADORA is a painterly chevron design, asymmetric, with a decidedly Deco feel. The rhythm and the fluidity of the fabric inspired its reference to the infamous 1920’s dancer, Isadora Duncan. It has an utterly luxurious composition of silk and linen, especially finished with a washed technique to give it a gorgeous handle.


Linen – Poly – Viscose
Nylon – Cotton
2 colourways
Width: 345cm/136”

OCEANIA sheer is an extra wide fabric of opaque and transparent stripes. Used horizontally, the stripes go from floor to ceiling without the need for a join. It comes in white and in ivory and the inclusion of linen and viscose hives a sophistication rarely seen in sheer fabrics.


15 colourways
100% Trevira CS
Martindale: 38,000 rubs
Width: 147cm/58”

The ever popular “Issus”, originally in linen, is now available in Trevira CS in a new gamut of colours ranging from soft pastels to rich aubergine and chocolate. The durability of the fabric is also markedly increased with 38,000 Marindale rubs so Celestia is now also ideal for upholstery use.


100% Linen
15 Colourways
Width: 139cm/55”

Paradiso Sheers consist of six types of delicate “voile” fabrics. Some are woven with silver and bronze yarns mixed with ultra fine linen capturing the evening light; some are denser which evoke the patterns of dappled shadows, and some are coloured, reminiscent of an ever changing sky.


100% Cotton
3 Colourways
Width: 139cm/55”

50% Linen – 50%Cotton
1 Colourways
Width: 139cm/55”
50% Linen – 50%Silk
1 Colourways
Width: 135cm/53”
50% Linen – 45%Silk – 5% Nylon
1 Colourways
Width: 135cm/53”
75%Linen – 18%Polyester – 7%Cotton
2 Colourways
Width: 139cm/55”
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