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Over half a century ago, an imaginative American discovered the splendours of Thailand and created a successful company reviving interest in Thai silk around the world. Since then the name Jim Thompson has represented a fusion of the best of east and west. This splendid new collection is no exception. Here traditional textiles, whether found in Asia or Europe have inspired Jim Thompson to create an exciting range of modern fabrics which will meet the most demanding challenges of style and design. This collection is all about creating fabrics which emulate the texture and feel of hand-woven and hand-dyed textiles such as ikats and warp prints, but will hold up to the test of time and use. In this range of amazing choices, bold patterns and rich colours in silk, linen cotton, and nature-rich blends will prove to be ideal for upholstery, curtains and other soft furnishings.
LACQUER 3343/01-12
20%Silk – 80%Linen
12 colourways

Inspired by 18th century textiles, Lacquer is an elegant silk and linen jacquard design where a silk warp has been marbled with a linen weft. The contrasting matt and shiny yarns result in an interesting and versatile weight. And, the handle of this fabric which comes in twelve dazzling colourways including versatile shades of gold, brown and green will inspire all sorts of creative ideas.
ORNAMENTA 3342/01-04
4 colourways
Martindale 24,000rubs

Here we celebrate the splendours of texture with a delightful fern-inspired “mock damask” pattern printed on a heavy, basket-weave linen. This rustic ground cloth printed with a sophisticated ornamental design gives the fabric a nice twist while the weight is ideal for upholstery.

PRIMITIVA 3345/01-09
26%Silk -63%Coton -11%Polyester
9 colourways

With Primitiva Jim Thompson sends a distinctive medieval design in a bold, new direction. Here a stylized fleur-de-lys pattern has been enlarged to create an appealing silk and cotton blend fabric which comes in nine classic colourways from vibrant red and green to subtle beige and grey. The slightly different hues of the raised threads which create the design give this Primitiva a wonderful embroidered look and texture.


NIELLO 3344/01-10
87%Silk – 13%Polyester
10 colourways

This truly regal textile is so luxurious that it is impossible to fully appreciate without touching. In creating Niello Jim Thompson was inspired by an art form which was highly regarded by the Siamese royalty. The making of nielloware by hammering different precious metals such as gold and silver into patterns on vessels was a revered craft. Here Jim Thompson has imbedded a flat satin design bordered by a textured edge into a puckered satiny fabric. The ten dramatic colourways could easily have been inspired by noble robes of the Renaissance.


WASABI 3349/01-05
6%Silk – 67%Linen – 16%Nylon – 11%Polyester
5 colourways

As its name indicates, this mono-colour linen, silk and polyester blend is inspired by Japanese esthetics. The choice of six colourways, which includes very subtle shades of beige, celadon green, mauve, grey and gold emulate the soothing colours of nature at dawn or dusk which is so much a part of Japanese sensitivity. This curtain-weight fabric with its crinkled texture will add a pleasing sculpted dimension to your décor.


CLOISONNÉ 3347/01-10
40%Silk – 35%Cotton -25%Polyester
10 colourways

Here raised and crisscrossing warp and weft threads create the wonderful texture that has inspired the name for this splendid box-pattered silk blend. Cloisonné
shows off par excellence Jim Thompson’s mastery of handcrafted weaving techniques. While this fabric is strengthened with durable polyester it has the look and feel of delicate silk. The choice of ten neutral and earth tones will proudly serve your furnishing needs.


SPLENDOURS 3346/01-05
5 colourways

There is art on canvas and then there is Splendours – pure art in 100% silk. Woven using a variety of textures to create its unique design, this fabric incorporates stripes edged with a mock ikat patterning. Ideal for drapes or soft furnishings Splendours comes in five splendid colourways which will subtly enhance any modern lifestyle.


CEYLON 334801-24
40%Silk – 60%Cotton
24 colourways
Martindale 13,000rubs

The vibrant colours and allure of Ceylon come alive in this fabric named after the exotic isle bordering on Indian subcontinent. This silk-cotton blend comes in a versatile selection of 24 colourways that have a satin sheen. Ceylon glistens like the crisp colours that shimmer after a tropical downpour. The mélange of silk and cotton give this fabric its special look and textured appeal.

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